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Chiricahua-Warm Springs Apache Language

Spoken by the Fort Sill Apache Tribe
Thanks to Michael Darrow and Willem de Reuse for helping me with this language


[hàdínjàː]          (hah-DEEN-yah?)

Note: There is no equivalent of "hello" or "Oklahoma" in Chiricahua Apache. "Hadínyaa?" which is commonly used as a greeting, means "Where are you going?"




Chiricahua Apache Greetings

  • Hadínyaa?  [hàdínjàː]  Where are you going?
  • Dagot’é?  [dàgòtʔɛ́]  How are things?
  • Dańt’é?  [dàń̩tʔɛ́]  How are you?


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